Myriad Harmony-Assistant & MyOrgan ou Hauptwerk-1 Chapter  6

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Let us approach the “Frames”
It's the best way for us who practice harmony assistant to dynamically change the registration of our organ virtual.
These “sequences” represent for the users of HA the simplest solution to memorize the state of all the buttons in invisible memories and to change at will combinations of stop in the course of playing.
Each frame can memorize all the adjustments of MyOrgan. The number of frame is practically unlimited since each frame consists simply of a hundred lines added within a file ODF. It is the same ODF which fixes the number of frames authorized, generally 512.
Initially, two things are to be known :
  • The frame number “n” on which you are placed, will not be that which will memorize your registration.
  • To record the frame “n”, you must be in mode “capture” and it is necessary to be placed in “n-1” before incrementing this frame number  in “n+1” and décrementing.

Principle for recording  a registration.
Position you on the number of frame you want to record 1 less.
Select for example  “2” to program the frame “3”. You move to this number with the buttons placed in top and on the right of the MO window.

Text box and buttons to select a frame number.


 Select with the mouse the stops which you want to use, including the couplings, trembling, and so so. The color of the buttons schanges, they “ignite” slightly. Once that done, press on button “SET” to pass in mode “Capture”.
Then, increment the number of frame (button in top and on the right of the window.)
Lastly, very important, release “SET” to stop the recording.
Your registrations are memorized only temporarily. If you leave MO they will be lost. To preserve them, they should be saved in the ODF with “SAVE” (or CTRL + S) or the third icon on the basis of the left (small floppy disk).

The button SET allowes storing a registration.

To advance or move back to a registration 
How to advance or move back to a registration 
That can be done manually with the buttons placed in top and on the right of the MO window.
This solution is appropriate for the compositions for organ which use the same registration from the beginning to the end
You can use several manuals and change playing continuously from a keyboard to another, but each manual preserves the same selection of stops from the beginning to the end.
If your partitions require changes of registers while playng, it is necessary imperatively that the changes of frame are automated. That is done by sending Midi messages “program-changes”. HA did not envisage this need, but we can circumvent this difficulty by using rules. Be reassured, all is designed to help you. These rules can be memorized in a model of score or installed by a script. We will see that further.
You should simply retain that there will be a rule to advance to a frame and another to move back. To place your order “Next” or “Previous” you will have only to place a note on an additional stafff, known as staff of registration. This staff is completely dumb, it is only useful to send of the Midi orders to My organ, via channel 5.
What are these two laws for ?
HA sends messages program-changes to Midi devices  only at the beginning of a score, to initialize it. To send a message prg-change further on in the partition, it is necessary that the instrument associated with the staff is replaced by another. We thus define for each prg-changes a rule with a particular criterion which when it matches causes the change of instrument.
Arbitrarily I chose as a criterion the presence of a note F and a note A on the registration staff, to send respectively the messages prg 2 and prg 3 (previous and next).

Example. this score starts on frame 12. Bar n° 5, a note A trigger the rule NEXT.